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Fewer foreign tourists  and students are coming to America. And that is only the beginning. Many people want to come to  America. Most of the time, most of the people who come to America do so in a legal manner. There are programs designed to make coming here easier. These programs make life in  America better for foreign workers and the U.S.  economy. The H-1B visa program is an example. The program  is for American employers facing a shortage of skilled workers. They can search abroad for workers to fill the worker gap. Many hospitals have hired foreigners to work as doctors and nurses. The  tech industry grew and needed skilled workers. Coders from English-speaking countries like India came to America. They reduced the industry¡¯s worker shortage. There are two questions about  the H-1B program. Is there a real shortage of American workers to do the  job? Or are foreigners cheaper to use? The questions are the same for foreign farm workers and temporary  workers. Always the answer is there is a shortage of Americans. And wages are not the big issue. But when money is involved, there is always a chance for abuse. For example, the Disney Company employed H-1B  workers. They worked  in the company's computer center. It turned  out that they were there to learn how to do the jobs of American workers. Then they were  to return to their country where they could do the same jobs more cheaply. In effect, the Disney jobs would leave the  country. The trained foreign workers would do the jobs cheaper than American workers. Foreign workers would replace American  workers. It was a clear abuse. Meanwhile, companies  in India saw a chance to find workers to send to America. They created a new  small industry. Soon they found ways to push their workers to the front of the H-1B line. Indian firms  and American employers were in collusion. Donald Trump campaigned on an ¡°America First¡± theme. He is trying to reduce the use of H-1B workers. The U.S. agency in charge of issuing H-1B visas is USCIS. It is  making it much harder to get an H-1B visa. It is turning down  requests. It is sending applications back for more information. It is ending  a rule that allowed  the spouses of H-1B workers take jobs in America. Donald Trump owns a resort in Florida called Mar-a- Largo. The resort  uses the H-2B program to hire temporary workers, including cooks and cleaners. The Trump government is betting  that people living in America can fill available jobs.  This is beginning to affect all those around the world who see America in their  future. America needs farm workers, skilled workers, and temporary workers from other countries. America's  economy is growing. Reducing the number of legal immigrants may not be the answer. Fewer abuses of legal immigration is a goal. Most?American employers make honest use of H-1B workers. Source: The Wall Street Journal November 19, 2017 )

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