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Jamal Khashoggi went into the building to  get a document he needed to get married. He never emerged. Khashoggi was a critic of the Saudi government. Police  say he was killed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. People in the know say Saudi  agents were waiting  for him inside the building. Were they there to kill him or bring him back alive. Did something go wrong? It could lead to a scandal. It  would be a  problem for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He is the kingdom¡¯s  33-year-old ruler.  He says he is a reformer who wants to modernize the kingdom. Saudi officials deny that they even detained Mr. Khashoggi. They said they do not know where  he is. Saudi  officials in Washington called the charge of his killing ¡°baseless.¡± Turkish police are starting an investigation. Mr. Khashoggi was 59. He was one of Saudi Arabia¡¯s best-known journalists. He became a  critic  of Prince Mohammed and went into exile last year. Crown Prince Mohammed sells himself as a reformer. But last year he kidnapped the Lebanese prime minister. He is waging?a brutal war in Yemen. He has?locked up hundreds of  prominent Saudis on accusations of corruption. Still, the prince has won Western supporters. That includes U.S. president Donald Trump.  Proof of Mr. Khashoggi¡¯s death in Turkey could change all  that. It would be a violation of international  norms. Critics have noted the crown prince¡¯s ruthless efforts add to his power. He has stamped out dissent at home and abroad. An insider said officials,  ¡°confirmed two things. Jamal was killed, and his body was dismembered.¡± A Saudi  official?invited Reuters?to tour the consulate. He said, ¡°I would like to  confirm that Jamal is not at the consulate. The idea of kidnapping a  Saudi citizen is something that should not be in the media.¡± The Turkish fianc¨¦e of Mr. Khashoggi said  she was following reports of his death. But she was awaiting confirmation from Turkish officials. ¡°I cannot think such  an incident is acceptable to happen in Turkey,¡± she said. ¡°Saudi Arabia would not be able to answer this. Turkey would never  accept this. This is impossible to happen in Turkish history.¡± Crown Prince Mohammed, appeared to disclaim  the incident. He said, ¡°We hear the  rumors about what happened. He is a Saudi citizen, and we are very keen to know what  happened to him. And we will  continue our dialogue  with the Turkish government.  We want to see what happened to Jamal  there.¡± ¡°We have nothing to hide,¡± he added. Asked about possible charges against Mr. Khashoggi. Prince Mohammed said, ¡°we need to know where Jamal  is first.¡± Source: The New York Times October 6, 2018 See related articles: Saudi  Arabia-Not a Home For the Rights of Women or Men Turkey Blames U.S. for Riot in D.C. )

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