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Few nations  agree with President   Trump about the Iran deal. The deal keeps Iran from making a  nuclear weapon  for a  decade. Iran says it does not want a nuclear weapon. It made the  deal to free up money held  by the U.S. and other countries Candidate Trump said the Iran pact was ¡°the worst deal ever.¡± If elected he said he would ¡°tear it up.¡± Now, as president, Trump said he would  not ¡°certify¡± that Iran is keeping  to the pact. By itself, this  statement does not do anything. Except it confuses nations about where the U.S.  stands  on the  pact. The European Union, China, Russia, Germany, France and Great Britain all signed on to the pact. The Security Council of the United  Nations endorsed it. What is President Trump¡¯s  problem? He says that in the future Iran will get a nuclear weapon. A basic premise of the pact was that over time Iran would  learn that it does not need a  nuclear  bomb for its security. Trump says the money Iran is  getting supports terrorism. There is truth to this. However, supporters of the pact  say stopping  terrorism was not a goal of the agreement. Still, almost everybody says ¡®a deal is a deal.¡¯ They say, if Iran is not  disobeying the pact, it  should stand. President Trump does not think  much of the opinion  of the rest of the world. He does not seem to care what others think. But he has not pulled the U.S.  out of the  Iranian nuclear  agreement.  Instead, he is leaving it to Congress to ¡®certify¡¯ that Iran is following the  terms of the  pact. It does not matter if one was for or  against the deal before the signing.  Most members  of Congress do not want the U.S. to pull out of the Iranian agreement. Again, a deal is a deal. Nations must trust America  to keep its word. Blowing up the  Iran deal  would send a message to North Korea that  they cannot trust the U.S. What is happening is more about politics than policy. Beyond anything  else,  Trump  loves the roar of the crowd. Trump is busy denouncing the Iran agreement. He is saying he will tear up the NAFTA trade pact. This is not  rational. His statements are sowing confusion worldwide and  in the United States. His crowd of supporters loves it. Resource: The New York Times October 11, 2017 )

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